When is the good time you should travel to US

The chance to go and travel in different places all over the world is for everyone to experience. To travel either alone or with group of people like your family and friends is a great experience to have in life.

However, it is always part of the travel ideas to know when it is the best time to go to such place you are planning to visit. If ever that your destination is US or the United States, all you have to know is when is the right time to visit such wonderful destination.


Based upon experiences of many travelers, the month of October is said to be the perfect time for tourists to visit there. Many have even argued about this time to travel since some of them are referring the month of September to become the best time to travel US. The month of October got the best time because of different reasons that the month of September doesn’t really have perfectly for the tourists. So what are these reasons? Here are the following:

The month of October might still keep you wondering why it is the perfect time to go to America. This time was considered by many as the right choice since they consider it as the different factor’s combination supports the so called “shoulder season”. This is the time wherein high and low season serves as the favorite time or tourists to explore America. Other reasons are the following:


  1. There are fewer crowds– during the month of October, you can expect for crowd to be fewer than during seasons where people are busy out of the house. In this month, kids are also back in school after summer and ski season is not starting yet.
  2. Good Weather Condition – most of desert regions in US during the month of October have dropped reasonable levels of temperatures. During the time of the month, most of mountainous regions are really not yet into the colds season.
  3. Cost of Stay –a booking for any lodgings and hotel reservations are expected cheap as it tends to attract travelers coming from different part of the world. Most of tourists who are coming in the same month or time also because of the reason that the crowds are fewer.


4. Season of Wildlife Animals – the month of October in America is also the same season wherein many mammals (elk, moose, antelope, and bison) show up. The wildlife ambience caused by these animals serves also as one of the reasons why it is great to go in US during the month of October.

Depending upon your choice, you can always travel to America whenever you want. However, getting the best time for it would always talk about the month of October. In any season of the year, US have its great time for you to visit. But October will be a great option if you want to have a time to relax while you get the chance of booking into cheap hotels and lodge available out there.