The Luggage Needed For a Europe Trip

When travelling, luggage is one of your best buddies that you should not forget. When packing and preparing your luggage, it is not just putting everything you want to put inside it.

Remember that you will need to follow such polices from a particular country you are bound to travel. There are certain luggage’s limits that you need to follow.


Your first stop will be the checking of your luggage at the airline check-in counter. By this time, you will realize the benefits of packing light. Having a carry-on luggage will prevent you from waiting and standing on the line just makes your luggage checked.

The airlines in Europe have tight restrictions in terms of luggage. Therefore, before you plan to go and travel to Europe, you need to check the rules about the luggage limits and restriction in order to avoid hassle and interruptions.

The recommended luggage is the following:


  • Soft case with zipped openings
  • Carry-on size
  • Must have at least three separate compartment
  • Must have shoulder and handle strap
  • Must have wheels and heavy duty hardware
  • Must have the expansion capability

You need to check if your luggage has the recommendations that are mentioned above.  One important note that you need to bear in mind not to place important documents, passport, credit cards, diamond necklace, cash and any valuables in your luggage.

Before booking for a particular trip to Europe, you will need to prepare first your luggage. Things you need to consider when preparing your luggage for a Europe trip:


  • You need to brand your bag. You cannot be sure that you have the bag that is not the same to any other bag. You might be seeing bags that are much like yours therefore it will be hard for you to identify which bag is really yours. For you to be able to avoid such hassle situations, you can put or tie a ribbon on your bag’s handle so that you ca easily find your bag upon arrival.
  • You need to carry a tote. Aside from your luggage, you must have your personal bag where you can out all your necessities that you need as you walk in Europe. While you are in Europe, you will need to include important things such as extra batteries, city map, guidebook, beverage, snack, toilet paper and other stuff that you need. Some of the monuments and museums will prohibits those things that are bigger than a particular small purse and larger bags will be checked. Remember not to put your passport or valuable things in your small purse instead you can put it in any part of your body or underneath your outer clothes.

When ought for a travel, your luggage plays an important role in order to have a successful trip. Therefore, you need to take care of it very well. In case of busted bags or lost bags, do not hesitate to complain immediately so that the airlines will take an immediate action toward your complain. You need to pay attention to your luggage as often as possible so that you will enjoy the cheap trip that you are expecting to experience.