A Handbook for Those Who Is Backpackers to the US

If you are a backpacker and looking for a much better travel experience in US, you need to consider the following tips or secrets for you to have a cheap stay but quality service.

Backpacking is something that calls for an independent travel where you can do everything you want. It is also one of the cheapest ways of taking a trip. US are a very good choice for your backpacking experience but you cannot do away with the fact it is quite expensive or costly going to the places or anywhere in US.


Experienced backpackers would really have enough knowledge on how to make a cheap travel in a particular place. So here is the handbook for you to bear in mind when ought to travel in US:

  • You need to consider a Hostel—hostels offer no booking and reservation of the rooms around the world. It is more like a dormitory style. Nevertheless, because of the popularity it has gained, the hostels now include fancy food, private suits, fashionable decors, house cleaner service and swimming pools. What is good in hostels is that you can share a room with other backpackers and definitely, you will have less expense for the accommodation.


  • You need to use your feet—this only implies that backpacking requires endurance and great strength. If you are not fond of doing such swimming and climbing or scaling unto mountains, you can opt to plan walking trips in order to challenge yourself. This will help you to keep going and active for the rest of the days that you will be staying in US.
  • You need to pack light—this will apply your skills and strategies on how to pack your things and put it into a lightweight backpack. Backpacking is not necessary putting almost everything; you need to choose only the important ones that you think will be much needed while travelling. It is much better if you travel with light loads rather than heavy ones for it will only make your travel difficult.
  • Prepare your food by going to the grocery store—packing light does not include your clothes and other stuff but also includes your food. You need to seek local bakeries, fresh produced markets and eclectic food carts.


  • You need to shake up your itinerary—before you actually head to your trip; you need to plan for flexibility. You need to for a flexible and lengthy getaways for you do not know how much time you will be spending for a particular destination.
  • The last tips is that manage to travel alone—it is not because you hate a companion, you just to learn travelling independently. The main goal of the backpacking is to explore by yourself and to have freedom. It is also your time to make friends and get along with other people you might meet along the way.

For you to make your travel extra exciting and memorable, you need to go explore by yourself and look for the places that offer cheap yet, useful and helpful for your backpacking experience.