The Special Culture of British

When it comes to British culture, there are so many special features that people should explore. In fact, this is one of the richest cultures in the world wherein you will understand how a British citizen lives his everyday life. In terms of cheap tourism and travel in this precious land, travellers will surely be amazed with the British humour while exploring the culture.


The British society’s keystone is actually their humour which is actually used in various ways such as establishing positive ambience, creating more harmonious relationship with other people, bridging the gap between individualities, introducing risky ideas, criticising, or showing appreciation. British people actually joke about things around them including themselves, their religion, some politicians, the queen, and the people around them.

So, if you are to visit the United Kingdom to explore their tourism prides, you need to know these things in order for you to avoid culture shock. However, it is also important to know that humour in British culture is usually combined with irony. Sarcasm is perhaps a usual style by British men but it should not be mistaken as an offensive situation since it’s their nature after all.


For instance, when you get a “not bad” comment, it often means that you’re “very good”. The phrase “not bad at all” is actually the highest commendation you can get from these people. So, if you are planning to visit any region with British culture, you have to be aware of these tips to help you in completely immersing yourself to this foreign way of life. It is important to know these things or else you will never understand what your British friend is telling you.

The indirect style of communication between Brits is quite a distinction from other citizens such as Dutch, Germans, and Americans. When you talk with your British pal, you always have to “read between the lines” or you will never understand any word he says. This is indeed a challenging experience to have especially when you are new to this culture. Of course, there are always some difficulties you will encounter but if you just open your mind to the Brit culture, you will know why they are what they are.


Just like the Chinese and Japanese culture, British culture is in fact a high context society where words aren’t enough to understand someone completely. Ironically, Britain is highly popular as a class society but within educational and workplace environments, they are incredibly informal. They call people using their first names even if it’s their boss or teacher. In terms of dress styles, Brits actually wear clothes based on their personal preferences.


Another good thing about the British culture is that, they don’t complain and are actually very patient. For instance, they will let a bad service pass in order to avoid making a scene. Usually, Brits are patient and friendly making your visit an enjoyable experience. One of the traits that travellers copy from the British culture is their politeness as well. Learn more about the beautiful traits from Brits and live a happier life ahead.